4 Things Not to Carry in a Purse or Wallet

It’s an unsettling scenario for many people; the theft or loss of a purse or wallet. ID cards, receipts, debit and credit cards and other valuable documents could be lost. While there’s no sure way to completely prevent such losses, the best way to reduce the risk is to look for new Ideas on carrying identification. Below are several things people should never carry in a wallet or purse.

A Social Security Card

Many people make the mistake of carrying their Social Security card or a piece of paper containing their Social Security number. It leads to many cases of identity theft, and unlike a stolen debit or credit card, it’s impossible to cancel a card and change the number. With someone’s Social Security number—and little else—a criminal can steal the person’s identity, open accounts in their name, and so on. A social security card, more than any other document, changes the theft or loss of a purse or wallet from a minor obstacle into a major hassle.

Birth Certificate

The only thing more dangerous to carry than a Social Security card is a birth certificate. This document forms the basis for all other documents, such as a Social Security card, a driver’s license, a passport, and many others. Because the birth certificate is so important, once a thief has it, it’s almost impossible to prevent identity theft. A birth certificate should never be carried, because it can easily be stolen or lost.

Routing and Account Numbers

If someone doesn’t go to the bank every day, there’s no reason to carry around a routing and account number. In the wrong person’s hands, these numbers can be used to clean out a person’s bank account within seconds. Unlike losing a credit card, simply canceling the bank card won’t prevent a thief from taking money once they have a person’s account and routing numbers. If one loses their information, they should call their bank immediately to prevent unauthorized account access.


In today’s electronic society, a person may have ten or more passwords for online accounts. Many people have trouble remembering them all, and they resort to writing them down on a piece of paper. While this is a useful trick, it’s important not to carry a password list in one’s wallet or purse.