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Why Join a Small Group Bible Study

In many churches today, forming small Bible study groups are encouraged for more intimate fellowship with believers. Perhaps you are one of those who have had this wonderful opportunity. Joining a small group Bible study has its benefits which are only known to its attendees so if you haven’t tried joining one, you will not know what these benefits are. Below are some of the benefits that you can experience if you join a small Bible study group.

In a small group Bible study, you meet regularly with a small group of believers and have time and intimate fellowship with them. There are a lot of believers attending church services and although you are commanded in the Bible to have fellowship with them, it is almost impossible to make a significant connection with anyone because of the great number.

A small group Bible study is composed of a very few believers who all desire to learn the Bible. Because of your common belief in God and His Word, you are bound to each other you are all strangers at the start. It is possible to have a more deep and intimate fellowship because you are only few in number. All the people in the group are there with one goal and that is to learn more about God and learn what His Word says about how you should live. This small group Bible study can be a venue for meeting new friends who can be your friends for life.

If you need encouragement to live a dedicated Christian life, then a small group is where you can get that encouragement. The sense of God’s presence in your life will be felt more as you meet regularly for Bible study to learn more about God’s Word. God will bless you if you study His word and keep His commandments.

There are some things common without relationship with God and our relationship with the people around us. You have to do something to make it grow. There has to be communication all the time for a better understanding of each other. If you want to strengthen your healthy relationship with God, joining a small group Bible study can cal you fulfill this.

The truly versed in the Bible can say Bible quotes even without looking at it. These people are admirable since they can quote verses without even opening their Bibles. The only way to know the Scriptures by heart is to keep on studying and meditating upon it. The Bibles says that from out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, so if you heart is full of the Word of God, then you will be able to speak about it in any occasion.

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