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When it comes to the issue of parenting every parent tries to be the best. Many parents are always in a dilemma whether they are giving their children a conducive environment to grow. In many situations, the parents fail to remain the best they would want to be to their children. There are no written rules and regulations that one can follow in raising up children, actually parenting is the relationship that is there between the parent and the child. The connection that exists between parents and their children is so monopolized so that, the approach that one parent uses to her children may not work for another parent. There are several aspects to consider when choosing how children should be raised and what approach parents need to adapt to raise children in the best way. It is essential for parents to know that children learn more by imitating rather than following certain guidelines. The best strategy of becoming the best parent is by showing love and affection to your kids. Many parents will claim of loving their kids but their children in return will cry of not feeling the love and affection of their parents. Love and affection should be shown in actions but not in words, love that is not shown is valueless. Parents should make their children feel that they love them. Actions like hugging your kids giving gifts to them, commenting positively when they do something appealing is a good way of making your children feel your love.

Encouragement and appreciation could also increase children’s confidence and make them feel that parents love them. Never scold your kids in a destructive way but always do it with love. Maintain mutual respect with your children and consider them complete human beings, not your assistants or immature beings. Although your help to kids is vital train them to be independent by let them know they can do things without your hand. Kids value the love and care of their parents never deny them these privileges. Always talk to them and listen to them. Children like talking, always give them an attentive ear. Never obstruct children’s discussions or interfere, let them express all their feelings to you and through this you can understand what they really want and how they feel about you.

Favoring one child more than the others is a thing that parents should avoid. If you have multiple children do not show favor toward an individual, let them feel that they are all loved. Never compare a child with the other and never ask a child to be like the other.

Good parenting requires consistency in the parenting rules,. Ensure that the rules you set are followed with no exemptions.

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