Frequently Asked Questions About Double Vanity Cabinets For The Bathroom

Homeowners who are looking for bathroom fixtures may want to consider the purchase of double vanity cabinets. The idea of having two separate sinks is very appealing to many couples and families. However, some homeowners may want to rethink double vanities if there are space limitations in the bathroom. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about installing double vanities.

What are the benefits to homeowners when they install a double vanity in the bathroom?

When two people need to use the sink and mirror at the same time, it can get crowded in the bathroom. A vanity that is equipped with double sinks allows each person to have access to their own sink and a portion of the mirror. This saves time for each person and it’s especially handy when both people need to get ready for work at the same time. A double vanity also allows each person to have access to more counter space while grooming.

What should homeowners be aware of before purchasing a double vanity for their bathroom?

A double vanity is larger than most single vanities, so it takes up more space in the bathroom. Individuals who have small bathrooms may not have the space that’s needed for a double vanity. If a double vanity will fit, individuals should also make sure there’s enough space left so they can maneuver with ease while in the bathroom. With the installation of a double vanity, there will also be two drain pipes in the vanity cabinet, which cuts down on available storage space.

What are some of the most popular double vanity styles available?

Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of styles when choosing a double vanity cabinet. Both modern and antique inspired cabinets can be purchased with various countertop materials including acrylic, glass, stone, porcelain and quartz. Homeowners can also choose to have a custom made double vanity for their bathroom if they need a special size.

A double vanity in the bathroom makes sense when more than one person needs to use the bathroom sink at the same time. To make sure there is plenty of space available in the bathroom for the vanity, individuals must take accurate measurements before making their purchase.