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Introduction to Stock Photography Offering Wider Choices Stock photography provides the images used by advertisers and publications in place of hiring professional photographers to take the pictures. We have felt the need to use stock photos to do company projects and school assignments many times in our lives. We may come to need stock photos in school or at work more often than we recognize. Stock photography gives us opportunities to use images at a low cost in place of hiring professional photographers or acquiring expensive equipment. Different professions need to access stock photos almost always. There is a big market for stock photography in ad agencies who consistently are in need of new stock images considering the stiff competition. Students often look for stock media in making their projects in school.
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The need for stock photography and stock media has grown significantly with the fast-paced improvements of computer systems and online access on a global scale.
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Stock Photography NOT Assignment Photography Doing photography as an assignment is not the same as doing photography for stock photos. In an assignment, the client tells the photographer what to shoot and thereafter pays him/her for everything that is involved in the process, e.g., camera equipment, SD cards, and photographs. The client may use the images only once, or he/she may use it over and over again for his/her own purpose. Normally, stock photographs are paid for when a client uses a stock photo. Stock photography has more wider applications than assigned photography. Stock libraries are an excellent source of cheap stock pictures available to anybody. Different People May Buy the Same Stock Photo Like any other commodity in the market, a stock image can sell more than once. Publishers may need stock photos for illustrations, authors may need art photographs instead of sketches on their book covers, and designers may opt for new stock images for their projects. Important Characteristics of Stock Images The greater the need for the stock image, the longer will be its life span. There are certain characteristics that contribute to the life of a stock image. Historical stock images are images captured from a certain period of time or from an important world event. Stock images can also grow old and neglected because of their lack of relevance, uniqueness, and probably poor quality. Many clients now look for smaller file sizes of stock images. Build Up a Quality Stock Library The possibility of making an income out of stock photography increases when it is posted online. The more you stock, the greater the possibility that people will use your stock photos. It is therefore important that you build a large archive of high quality images, as a good source of alternative income.