Self-Help Guide to Managing Credit Card Debt

There is no shortage of lending or financial institutions. It seems as if everyone has a loan to offer or a line of credit to pitch. In many ways it is natural. Credit is what drives the American economy, but what happens to the small guy up to his neck in debt? It is easy to shy away from credit all together, but those debts must be paid. Debt has a way of lurking in the shadows like a stressful bane. Instead, of running away, ignoring it, here are a few ways that can help manage one’s debt.

Change Banks

Choosing a bank is like a relationship. One gives them their money to hold and keep safe. The bank, in turn, offers them several services while they hold the money. This may include interest accounts, investment management, and more. However, there are plenty to choose from and not all relationships are created equal. A bank that is good for one person may not be the best bank for you. Because each bank offers something different one has to truly understand their own situation. For example, instead of paying a $12 monthly maintenance fee why not look for a bank. Look for the signs they are everywhere and usually read “free checking account cypress tx“.

Balance Transfer

This one may sound strange, but it’s a great way to manage debt. If credit card debt is an issue than it may be helpful to get another credit card and transfer the balancesonto one. Many cards offer a promotional period of zero percent interest. Take advantage of this. Instead of paying several credit cards with high-interest rates it is possible to pay down the principle with no interest. The act is called a balance transfer and it can help save thousands if done correctly. Not only does this help save time when paying bills, but it is a good way to slowly stop using those other cards. Managing debt is more than paying off balances, it is also correcting the habits that accumulated it.


This option is great for homeowners. A Home Equity Line of Credit allows the homeowner to take a loan against their home. This is a good option because the interest on a HELOC is typically much lower than any credit card. Like the balance transfer, the debt will be consolidated into one at a lower cost. The second added benefit to doing a HELOC is that typically has a long draw period which is normally about 10 years. This means that it will be helpful to do those pesky home renovations.

In Conclusion

Managing credit card debt can seem overwhelming, but there are options out there. Take these three things into consideration and re-examine the structure of the debt. Consolidating it can save time and money. Remember that all banks are not the same. Some cater to certain needs. It is important to confirm that those needs are being addressed with the existing relationship. If not, it may be time to move on.