Tips for Attracting More Attention at the Next Trade Show

The business owner already knows the value of securing space to exhibit at trade shows. What may be lacking is the right approach to setting up that exhibit. By making the best decisions about what elements to include in that display, it’s easier to attract more attention and increase the odds of establishing connections that increase business volume. Here are some ideas that will help with the next trade show exhibit.

Consider adding a Media Wall

That older pop-up booth is still effective, but how many people really stop and take a look at the posters mounted on the display? That seems to be something that just about everyone does these days. Instead of using the same old approach, why not spice things up with a media wall?

This addition to the space helps to visually differentiate the display from the ones found on each side. An expert can help the business owner decide what elements to include on the wall based on the nature of the trade show and what the business has to offer.

Add a Tablet Display to the Mix

Consider loading a slide presentation or some type of video to a tablet and display it on a stand just inside the booth space. This motivates people to step out of the aisle and into the space long enough to watch part of the presentation. The fact that they are no longer moving along also provides the chance to engage those people in conversation and begin the networking process. Make sure the presentation is set for a continuous loop.

Pay Attention to the Type of Free Items Offered

Brochures and other printed matter are still excellent for display. Along with those, consider adding some free items that are a little out of the box. Think about the type of people the show is likely to attract. What sort of free item would catch the eye and motivate them to stop by the booth? Depending on the industry involved and the typical demographic of the crowd, anything from protein shakers to sunglasses could be the little extra that causes people to stop. It doesn’t hurt that those free items can be customized with the company name and contact information.

Remember that the right approach to Event promotion matters. Consider spicing up traditional methods with something unexpected. The results could mean a lot in terms of earning new business.