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The Most Popular Employee Appreciation Programs Employee appreciation programs are of course around to make employees feel appreciated. This makes them feel like their time is acknowledged and therefore well spent. Even the smallest jobs are important ones and sometimes that needs to be communicated better. When you’re ready to increase the moral and productivity the following employee appreciation programs can help. Saying Thank You Any type of personal thank you to employees who do a lot of hard work will make them feel great. Some of the options for thanking employees include sending out letters detailing your thoughts, as well as talking to them in person to really get the point across and express true gratitude for the work that they do.
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Let your employees choose their own assignments when applicable so that they’ll be more likely to be interested in the project. Employees who are actually interested in the topic of a project will show more initiative towards doing it well. Give them Lunch Employees love their breaks and they also love free stuff, so giving them free lunch or an extra long lunch break can really make them happy. It doesn’t cost the company much, but the change of pace for your employees can give them a boost of energy that in turn goes right back into the company by way of their work. Hear Them Out Starting a suggesting box and then responding to some of the suggestions will help your employees to feel like they are an active part of the conversation. Giving people a voice will help them feel involved, and who knows they might have some great suggestions for you. Award Them for a Job Well Done Employees who go above and beyond their job description deserve to be recognized for it. This is the concept behind employee of the month programs. The recognition both honors the individual as well as captures the interest of everyone else and hopefully inspires them to do a great job as well. Other incentive based awards might be smaller like handing out gift cards to people who hit certain numbers or work quickly, depending on what sort of job their doing. The idea is to give them an added reason to show up and work hard besides their paycheck, which they’ll get whether they do a fine job or a stellar one. Without incentives people can get a bit lazy which is why it’s a good idea to give them a reason and an opportunity to reach for the stars. You’ll be able to see a change in people’s performances pretty much immediately.