4 Artists Who Are Now Performing Veiled


Hijrah in Arabic has the meaning of leaving, deciding, and withholding. Meanwhile, in terminology, it means leaving something on the basis of doing taqorrub (getting closer) to Allah SWT. Then, what is hijrah for women? In general, hijrah has the meaning of moving or away from His prohibition. Hijab
This is also the case, as at the time of the Prophet who migrated from Mecca to Medina to enforce the message of Islam.

Hijrah itself, one of the things that has been done, especially for women. Most of them start choosing a better way of life and leave everything bad for the better.

The phenomenon of migration, which is widely practiced today, should not be considered a trend. However, what is called hijrah must all start from the sincerity of the heart to do it. Don’t do it just for fun. Seeing what has happened in Indonesia, a number of beautiful artists have decided to emigrate and get closer to Allah SWT. Unisma Gradually, they began to leave the world of entertainment and also changed their appearance. Over time, those who decide to emigrate, especially women, have firmly chosen to wear the hijab. In fact, even those who are already wearing the hijab. Hijab some finally decided to wear the veil. Who are these artists? Let’s see more in here.

1. Umi Pipik

2. Peggy Melati Sukma

3. Five Vi

4. Indadari

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