I Have Started My First Real Job

I have been thinking pretty hard about what I want to do with the rest of my life, which is something I should probably have thought about a little sooner. To be honest what I am doing now is not that bad if I am smart enough to learn the lessons and eventually get certified to do HVAC installation in NYC. A friend of my uncle was how I got started in it, before I was even out of high school. He is an older guy who is retired and he needed someone to help him with the more physical parts of this work. I found out that there is a good deal of that, which I do not mind too much to be honest. He paid me quite well when you consider that he did not take any taxes or such from my pay, and also when you think about the fact that the laws on child labor are such that I was really not allowed to do any of that stuff. If I had gotten hurt I would bet that he would have been in trouble.

At any rate I got a job working for a real company as soon as I was 18. The old guy had worked for them and he told them that he had taught me a lot of the job and I was a good worker. That was all it took. Of course when I saw how much money they actually take out of your check, that was a big shock to me. I just started to think about whether or not this is the way to make the sort of money I would really like to make and exactly what I could make if I actually got all the qualifications that you need.

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