The Differences in Officine Panerai Watches

Many people may have seen a Panerai watch without knowing the maker. They are attention grabbing watches. Before buying a watch from Panerai dealers, it’s important to know the difference between Panerai watches. For instance, the obvious differences are the two models of watches Panerai designs: Radomir and Luminor. However, Officine Panerai has four wristwatch designs: Special Editions, Historic, Manifattura and Contemporary.

Distinguishing the Officine Panerai Model Watches

A small number of each wristwatch models are placed on the market. For instance, the yearly number of wristwatches released range from 500 to 2,000. Each of the Panerai models can be distinguished by the serial number and letters on the back of the wristwatches. The number of the back of the case tells its owner when it was produced in the set such as the watch being 100th of the 2,000 produced.

Movement of the Panerai Timepieces is Also Different

The term “movement” is whether a watch must be wind or has a battery. Panerai introduced watches with considerable number of I knew movements in 2002. These I movements included P.2002, P.2003 and P.2005. These movements are named by the year the watches were released. In 2010, the watchmaker developed a new calibre in the Panerai watches. It’s called the P.999.

The Dial Design is another Difference in the Panerai Watches

Another way to distinguish one Panerai watch from another is the dial design. The watch casing isn’t altered in any way. The watchmaker only constructs watches with two main casing designs. One of the watch models has a crown protector. The second watch model has an exposed crown.

However, the finish on the casing does vary. For example, Panerai watches has casings that are titanium, polished, black or flat. Also, the dial does vary. The glass of the dial varies too. The way to know how the glass varies depend on the date feature of the Panerai watch. The dials are different according to the makers, exclusive numbers and Chrono and background.

The Four Panerai Case Model Styles is the Main Difference

The watchmaker has four main case styles that distinguishes one watch from another. The obvious two watch models are actually broken into four. The two additional models include the Luminor and the Ferrari.

For example, the Panerai Luminor is the most popular and fashionable model. Many people wear the Panerai Luminor with formal and casual wear. The Panerai Ferrari model has an exposed crown.

The Radiomir model is the first watch in the Panerai line. Its case is rounded and curved for a formal look. It also doesn’t have a device which protects the watches crown. The Luminor 1950 is similar to Luminor Panerai. However, the main difference between the two is the 1950 version has a unique shape crystal that makes the watch look classic and like a vintage timepiece. The case on the Luminor 1950 is available in two sizes: 44m and the 47mm version.

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