Things to know before investing in Silver

Investing in something that your heart desires would be easy as long as you are financially capable of managing it. Look at those who are investing in old coins, they travel all over the world just to find rare coins, the old ones and with great value. Well, since you are very much interested in investing in this, then you will surely find a way to be a successful coin collector, too. The success actually lies in your hands because you have to be very patient and determined in searching for it.

When it comes to investing in silver, you have a lot of options. But, there are really those who are collecting silver coins or silver bars not only from their very own country. They are also interested with the ones from other foreign countries. Sometimes, they can get it from visitors and friends. While others get it from local and foreign market traders and dealers. And then, when they have much free time, they use this to travel just to get some silver for their coin and bar collection.

Now, if you are just starting to collect silver coins or have plans of collecting, then you have a few things to know. Do not start collecting right away without thinking about it. It’s because once you started it, then make sure not to get tired of it. Years will pass and you will later on, check how far you have gone into collecting. It may even surprise you after checking how much you have invested in the silver.

Bullion Bars

If you would like to invest in a traditional manner, then you may be thinking about buying silver or bullion bars. If your country allows you to buy these flat silver bars, then it must be from a major bank. A silver bar has a rectangular shape. So, you can easily store them in a safety deposit box at home or in the banks.

When you are in the spot market for trading this bar, you need to be familiar with its code, which is XAG. But, if you are in the United States, you will often use the XAGUSD code. This bar is usually 1,000 oz troy bar size, having 999 fine and weighs 68.6 pounds avoirdupois.

It is also available in sizes. We have the 100 oz troy bar, weighing 6.86 pounds. And then, the 1 kilogram bar or the 32.15 oz troy bar. Lastly, there is the 10 oz troy bar, weighing 311 g and the 1 oz troy bar, which weighs 31.1 g.

Silver Coins

If you are collecting silver coins from the United States, then you must know that there were coins clad using a silver alloy, containing 40{fa55f5e4e76ea2dfc4105f047fea4cd4e54e2e5a38ee35be3b33b42cee6d2993} silver from 1965 to 1970 and 1975 to 1976. Coins from 1964 contains 90{fa55f5e4e76ea2dfc4105f047fea4cd4e54e2e5a38ee35be3b33b42cee6d2993} silver and weighs 24.71 g. This silver could either be minted fine or junk. But, the American Silver Eagle, which is a bullion, proof coin is at 1 oz is 99.93{fa55f5e4e76ea2dfc4105f047fea4cd4e54e2e5a38ee35be3b33b42cee6d2993} pure silver.

There were also sterling silver coins that were minted in Canada and the UK until 1919, and then, in Australia, too in 1945. These come in various forms, such as threepence, sixpences, shillings, florins, half-crowns and crowns.

Gold/Silver Ratio

The Gold/Silver Ratio is usually used by investors in determining the value of the metal. Of course, that is, through the spot price. This ratio is quite confusing for beginners, so you will surely want more info about it to fully understand.

As an investor, you have to check the current ratio chart, containing the Gold/Silver Ratio before buying silver or gold. You do this to determine if the metal that you would like to have is undervalued.


Silver is considered as a liquid asset because it is also seen in the market as a valuable commodity and as a currency. If you are an investor, you have to really consider if this investment can be bought or sold physically.

In terms of silver as an investment, it is indeed an asset even if other people are also demanding for gold because you can easily sell silver as compared to gold. Doing this in the stock market will not always affect the value of your asset.

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