Top Recording Studios in The U.S.

With the emergence of numerous independent studios, there is a wide variety of choices to settle for. You want to be sure that the studio you choose is the right one. Finding and selecting the best recording studio can be a very strenuous activity. You will have to consider things like the people behind it, the facility, the equipment, and your budget.

Notably, studios do a lot in making artist’ work brilliant, and it is for this reason that you need to find the best one. Here is a list of the most popular recording studios to help narrow down your recording studio options.

Ultra-Modern Burbank Recording Studio and Production Space

The 350sq ft studio has a 9′ by 12′ soundstage with a projection wall and pro-lighting. The cozy space has a control room with a large window overlooking the tracking room. The studio is located in a clean and stylish building with other creative. It is one of the best places for recording music, podcasts, drums, vocals, film shoots, cast sessions, photo shoots, music videos, and more. The studio has an hourly rate of $50 per 2hours. This cost includes lighting, a camera, an audio engineer if required.

SODO District Studio and Event Space with Cyclorama Wall

This is the perfect space for any social gathering, workshop, event, or presentation. It includes a 30 by 30 cyclorama wall which is ideal for creating photos and videos. The studio also includes a restroom with make-up space and a changing room. They charge an hourly rate of $90, and their minimum time is 4 hours. Cleaning is included in these charges. However, there is an additional charge for Green Screen. Other amenities for this space include WiFi, White backdrop, street-level access, full refrigerator, microwave, dining area, among others. The studio is open every day from 6 am to 11 pm.

Funktown Lounge


This studio which is the form of a storefront is located the East of Lake Merritt in a place commonly known as Funktown. Funktown Lounge has an open plan design and can comfortably hold up to 20 people. It has an elevated lounge section of around 12′ by 16′ with two couches, a fish tank, and a large samurai panel. The space is best for workshops, info sessions, birthday parties, arts and crafts, yoga, meditation groups or performance art. They offer an hourly rate of $40 and a 10{fa55f5e4e76ea2dfc4105f047fea4cd4e54e2e5a38ee35be3b33b42cee6d2993} discount for those exceeding 8 hours. Its backyard is well designed with unique metal work, petrified flower logs, succulents, and a grilling area. Funktown is open all day and night.


Finding the best recording studio can be very hectic. Getting access to some world-renowned ones can be quite challenging as they are not readily accessible to independent artists. There are however plenty of other famous studios you can choose from. One thing you need to have in mind is that recording in a renowned studio gives you validity in the industry. You also have to remember that cheaper rates do not mean poor quality.